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Repertoire - more prepared than a boy scout 8th note

8th-tiny It is possible to sum up what kind of music I play in a sentence. I play pop, jazz, new age, Klezmer, standards, broadway, latin, liturgical music, some country, original compositions of other musicians, and will learn pieces that don't quite fit into any of these categories to meet a need. I said one sentence — I didn't say it was a short sentence.

8th-tiny Prior to booking me (or even asking me to audition), prospective clients want to know about my music styles. I also offer the service of allowing people to pick out which songs I play as a background musician (12-15 pieces an hour). Both of these have justified me providing an online repertoire list.

8th-tiny Since people have different needs, there are different versions of these lists. When reviewing these lists (at the bottom of the page), please consider these points:

8th-tiny These lists are not comprehensive. The master list (over 1,600 songs) was created one day when I had nothing better to do. It is decades old. I found a karaoke catalog online, downloaded it, and started deleting all of the songs I wasn't sure I knew. What was left was over 1,600 pieces. While I've made some additions, not every piece I play belongs in a karaoke catalog.  I spent several years playing in a Klezmer band, I have been the music director for a synagogue at some level since 1991, and new pieces come out that are newer than this list.  If nothing else, having learned all of these pieces, it is pretty clear that I can learn new music quickly, assuming my schedule allows.

8th-tiny These lists have minor errors. The initial catalog had errors, and I haven't taken time to go through and fix them. I am overdue to do this (but spend too much time doing everything else). If you find an error, I will send you a joke (if you want me to).

Please note: I purposely left in some errors, because I like to swap jokes.

8th-tiny Not every piece works in every venue. Some of these pieces don't work as solo piano pieces. Some pieces are inappropriate to play based on the mood you asked me to set. I will use my judgment, and feign a memory lapse as appropriate. As I get older, sometimes the memory lapse isn't feigned.

8th-tiny Sometimes memory lapses aren't feigned. See above. As a result, it is possible (not even particularly tough) to stump me. If no one has requested a piece in over ten years, and if I have no notice to relearn the piece, it probably has slipped.  If you need me to learn it again, I'll be able to do it before your performance date.

8th-tiny These lists are in PDF format, and are for download. To view them online, click on them. To download them if using a PC, select the link by clicking on your mouse's secondary button (the one you don't usually use), and then select "Save As" on the popup menu.

Wedding list: 80 secular modern pieces appropriate to a wedding reception.

Party list: 160 pieces appropriate to a house party.

Top 1600 pieces: The famous karaoke list.