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8th-tiny  Mu·sic: \ˈmyü-zik\

1: the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity.
2: A set of sounds that reaches through one's ears to touch one's heart.

8th-tiny While the first definition is certainly more precise, I personally feel that the second definition makes music relevant. 

Most often, I provide background piano music for private parties and fundraisers. I serve as the social lubricant that helps keep the guests, friends, or donors happy, and make them want to stay at your event.

8th-tiny Additionally, I have been hired to provide the following services:

Provide solo foreground entertainment.

Accompany solo vocalists in a live performance with either a planned performance or as a human karaoke machine (and yes, I can transpose to any key on the fly).

Create recordings to support rehearsals and live performances.

Provide music for religious services.

Serve as music director for cabaret-style performances and music-oriented religious services at various synagogues.

Substitute for musicians that are otherwise unavailable.

Play with other bands on an ad hoc basis.

8th-tiny Beyond that, I am flexible and will consider other proposals, but generally avoid bars and restaurants (with the significant exception of Baker's Keyboard Lounge, the world's oldest continuously active jazz club). That, and I generally don't sing while playing, in part because I don't know the words, and in part because I like to maintain a high quality performance.

8th-tiny Since most of my performances are private events, I don't post my performance schedule. If you want to hear me play, I will either tell you where I am playing in public or I will audition for you personally.

8th-tiny My book rate is typically $200.00 hourly. This is negotiable. Rehearsals and studio work are much less expensive hourly, as should be expected. More often than not, both your musical and fiscal requirements can be satisfied.

8th-tiny If required, keyboard and amplifier rental are available at reasonable rates (and are sometimes included for larger jobs - again, please ask).

8th-tiny To book me or check my schedule, please call or e-mail.

8th-tiny If you need more than just a solo pianist, please let me know what you want.  I have enough connections in the music industry that I can help you get what you want.

8th-tiny Lastly, know that I do travel.  While the serious majority of my work is local to the DMV, I have played in four countries on three continents, and have played all over the United States.  If you want me to play someplace beyond my backyard, I will do so assuming you cover my travel and lodging expenses.  I have even played gigs where I played the performance in exchange for the travel and lodging expenses, because it was worth it to take some vacation time in the locale.