The Piano Guy

Welcome to the Piano Guy's Cyber Office 8th note

8th-tiny  The Piano Guy, Gary Rimar, performs, composes, and arranges primarily solo piano music.  Being a cyber office, no one can hear you knock.  Everything is self serve. 

If you're here because Gary is doing "human Karaoke, here's a list of appropriate pieces to request: Party list.
Find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and all of the other popular music sources. Just search for my name.

8th-tiny Oh?  You just came to download free music?  Go to the Composer page.  The links are there.  But please, before you just take the free music and run, please look at the rest of the site.

8th-tiny Were you interested in hiring me for an event, be it either a corporate function, a wedding, a party, or just because you like great music?  No problem.  Go to the Performer page for more information and to get a form you can use to book me if you prefer.

8th-tiny If you're part of a band, you may want to know more about my arranging skills.  More information about what I can do with and for other musicians is listed on the Arranger page.

Of course, if you want to know what type of music I play, or if you're here to pick the music I play at your event (or could play at your event), go to the Repertoire page.

8th-tiny And, if you just came here for my contact information (be it phone or fax), go the Contact page.

8th-tiny Regardless, thank you for coming to visit.  Please send your friends to this page too.  I do my best to bring joy to all those that listen, so the more, the merrier.