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8th-tiny If you're looking for the music downloads (free samples) they are at the bottom of this page.  Either scroll down or read through the text to get to them.

8th-tiny My only lyric piece, and the only one I produced externally is Without You, I'd Not Be Me. This piece is autobiographical, inspirational, and have brought both joy and inspiration to many people who like me grew up in an "interesting" environment. I wrote the lyrics, the music, was executive producer on this cut, and the pianist (why would I hire someone else to do that?). I did hire a vocalist because I wanted to keep the quality up.

8th-tiny My childhood was spent listening to music from the 1960's and 1970's.  This was a grand time for fully-orchestrated rock music.  Think Elton John, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, Chicago, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Cat Stevens, Jim Croche, The Moody Blues, and the Electric Light Orchestra, just to name a handful, and know that I was exposed to and studied some music with serious depth.  Add to that my exposure during early adulthood to smooth jazz and new age music by such greats as David Benoit and David Lanz, along with the two years of classical piano lessons I took as a young boy (yes, that's all) from the great Adele Bookman (who taught,among others, Pat Flowers), and it is easier to understand my music influences.

8th-tiny My usual composition styles either relax or stimulate people.  My relaxing music is usually new age piano solos, or small instrument ensembles. My upbeat music (also known as my "get happy" music) is richer, fuller, and usually written for many instruments.

8th-tiny My first two CDs fall into the relaxing category. Neuro New Age Nursery Tunes is my reinterpretation of nursery tunes when we take the "ditty" nature away. This CD is designed for pregnant women to listen to. It relaxes them, and gives the in-vitro child something to listen to. Anecdotal tests have reliably shown that if the child in-vitro listens to this music, and it is put on for them after they are born, they relax, settle, down, and go right off to sleep. Of course, most adults find it quite relaxing.

8th-tiny Gary Rimar's Dreams Suite is also music to relax to. Listeners have told me it is excellent to use as massage music (my first CD also works well for this purpose), mass transit music on the iPod, and music to use while spending loving time with one's partner. Satin Dreams, the tenth cut on the CD, has been used as alternative wedding processional music with great success.  On the CD you buy, the sax version is which one is used.  As an experiment, I did a violin/cello version as well.

8th-tiny As an aside, my favorite cut on my first CD is also the tenth cut (Pop Goes The Weasel). Heaven help me if I ever compose a CD with less than ten cuts.

8th-tiny To provide a perspective on the range of upbeat music I compose, some examples include a ragtime piece composed for a radio talk show, a full orchestra-style sports processional by the name of C'mon Let's Roll (used for Detroit's Fame Games - think Special Olympics), a Hawaiian-style piece called Sparlking Island Sunrise, a fusion piece combining Latin and Klezmer stylings called Klez Ladino (video download), and on the list goes.  This will be a "get happy" music CD, and it is under production as time allows.

8th-tiny My studio allows me to create music in whatever format is desired.

8th-tiny My music is available for purchase, license for full use, and for sampling. Rates vary depending on project scope and purchase or license terms. Please contact me for more information and a project quote.

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